Welcome to Snowskin.

Finally it's here! Introducing Snowskin, the sweat resistant - water resistant - UVA/UVB - SPF30+ sunscreen that has achieved the AUS/NZ Standard and International Protocol.

Snowskin is a sunscreen that feels great when you put it on. The light texture and non greasy feel of this sunscreen will have many a mountain rider coming back for more! Only the best use the best and that's why NICK BROWN is fronting Snowskin. The team from Snowskin wish him all the best for this up and coming 2009-10 season here and abroad.

Snowskins non greasy, non sticky texture won't sweat or run into your eyes. Sun reflection off the white snow onto the skin is extremely powerful and damagin. Avoid panda eyes now! Apply Snowskin 15 minutes prior to venturing out into the reflective white abyss. Extreme panda goggle eye burn and blister marks can be heavily reduced even avoided totally. If you're on the hill you're also going to need a good chapstick to stop that wind burn whilst riding the chairlifts into the icy breeze. For total protection you just can't go passed our flesh coloured zinc. It's great for those bluebird days when the sun is absolutely relentless and you're out in the vast open spaces without any shade in sight.

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